Rest…Its much more than Sleep

Greetings in Day 20 of this New Year! I am full of excitement and expectation that you are walking in your purpose. I want to talk to you today about rest. Make sure to check out the video in relation to today’s blog on my YouTube channel, Ebony McQueen-Harris. If you haven’t completed the previous homework assignment shame on you! Just joking but in all seriousness if for any reason you haven’t completed the homework make sure to do so now. If you have questions I’m here to help. Post your questions in the comment section of the blog or on my YouTube channel-Ebony McQueen-Harris 😉

Now let’s dive into our work for today. Rest is much more than sleep. It includes full reliance and submission to God.  There is no way you can Fully, I repeat Fully live out your vision/calling without rest in Him. You have to make an intentional choice to rest in a power greater than yourself. Once you’ve made the decision to trust what God has revealed you need to rest. This means full submission to His will and an understanding that you are being groomed to lay the foundation of your legacy. Yes, your legacy that which is your imprint on this earth.

Yes, rest includes sleep-a necessity. It also includes prayer, mediation and daily feedings of His word.  Immersion in these things daily will lead to more clarity in your relationships, businesses and most importantly who and whose you are.  I’d like you to now follow thru with watching my YouTube channel for your next homework assignment. The video also is needed to complete this weeks blog post. I have huge belief in you and know that you’ll follow thru. I’m excited to hear from you!

Huge Belief in You



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