Are you naked when engaging with friends?  Are you naked when engaging with family?  Are you naked when engaging with your co-workers? Are you naked when leading?  Are you naked when its you, all alone?  Do you bring your full self to every moment in your life-that’s naked?

I look at nakedness as the full unveiling of your true self no matter who you are in relationship with during the present moment.  Nakedness allows you to laugh at your quirky attributes and cry during venerable moments.  Crying holds within its tears a flood of emotions.  Yet when they are shed it is as if you are washed anew!  The tears released are the feelings you had inside of you: in that moment…happy tears, sad tears, joyful tears, angry tears, jealous tears, grateful tears, sinful tears, forgiven tears…

Being naked affords you the opportunity of freedom from the chains of others.  It affords you the freedom from the chains of bondage you’ve placed on yourself.  To be fully present means to be fully there.  Bringing forth all your hurts, likes, dislikes, and peace.  Peace in knowing that no matter what you say, it is your authentic you: at that present moment.  Yes, you may say a hurtful or harmful word unintentionally but you allow yourself to make mistakes and to be forgiven.  Your nakedness allows others to be naked in front of you as well.  It affords them the opportunity to be forgiven by you if and when offended.

People sometimes say they are “too real” or “too blunt” or take on the “tell it like it is” persona.  Yes, I profess that was me.  Now I ask those who are self-proclaimed wearers of the adjectives I mentioned:  When being “too real”, “too blunt” or “telling it like it is” are you being fully naked in the moment?  Have you brought to the moment your full self.  The self that is striped down and refined.  You see refined defined means: with impurities or unwanted elements having been removed by processing; elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste; developed or improved so as to be precise or subtle.  With that said when in relationship with others we have to be working on or worked on elements within ourselves, that when the relationship is in progress we are reflecting our nakedness; which can be easily handed out simply in the form of grace.  Grace to understand the relationship you are in with others.

It’s sometimes hard to bare our nakedness in front of others.  I get that.  I’ve been there and will most likely be there again.  Fear of rejection, fear of revealing too much, fear of embarrassment heck just plain old fear.  I’m leaning the more time I spend in relationship with God in my nakedness the more comfortable I am with myself.  The more I am able to forgive myself for things I have said or done.  It means allowing others to be naked in my presence without shame or judgement.  My nakedness guards me to hold my tongue when my flesh says otherwise.  Yes, I’m a work in progress lol!  Instead the nakedness asks me to see my brother or sister with naked eyes.  The new eyes don’t let me excuse their or my behavior but instead it allows me to function out of love.  It asks me to surrender to someone elses needs other than my own and to bear the weight of their nakedness with them.  So when in relationship with someone today look at their nakedness and look at your nakedness and own it.  Day by day strip yourself down to the authentic you.  Forgive yourself and forgive others.  Find peace in relationship with yourself.  Love yourself and love others naked.