Are you naked when engaging with friends?  Are you naked when engaging with family?  Are you naked when engaging with your co-workers? Are you naked when leading?  Are you naked when its you, all alone?  Do you bring your full self to every moment in your life-that’s naked?

I look at nakedness as the full unveiling of your true self no matter who you are in relationship with during the present moment.  Nakedness allows you to laugh at your quirky attributes and cry during venerable moments.  Crying holds within its tears a flood of emotions.  Yet when they are shed it is as if you are washed anew!  The tears released are the feelings you had inside of you: in that moment…happy tears, sad tears, joyful tears, angry tears, jealous tears, grateful tears, sinful tears, forgiven tears…

Being naked affords you the opportunity of freedom from the chains of others.  It affords you the freedom from the chains of bondage you’ve placed on yourself.  To be fully present means to be fully there.  Bringing forth all your hurts, likes, dislikes, and peace.  Peace in knowing that no matter what you say, it is your authentic you: at that present moment.  Yes, you may say a hurtful or harmful word unintentionally but you allow yourself to make mistakes and to be forgiven.  Your nakedness allows others to be naked in front of you as well.  It affords them the opportunity to be forgiven by you if and when offended.

People sometimes say they are “too real” or “too blunt” or take on the “tell it like it is” persona.  Yes, I profess that was me.  Now I ask those who are self-proclaimed wearers of the adjectives I mentioned:  When being “too real”, “too blunt” or “telling it like it is” are you being fully naked in the moment?  Have you brought to the moment your full self.  The self that is striped down and refined.  You see refined defined means: with impurities or unwanted elements having been removed by processing; elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste; developed or improved so as to be precise or subtle.  With that said when in relationship with others we have to be working on or worked on elements within ourselves, that when the relationship is in progress we are reflecting our nakedness; which can be easily handed out simply in the form of grace.  Grace to understand the relationship you are in with others.

It’s sometimes hard to bare our nakedness in front of others.  I get that.  I’ve been there and will most likely be there again.  Fear of rejection, fear of revealing too much, fear of embarrassment heck just plain old fear.  I’m leaning the more time I spend in relationship with God in my nakedness the more comfortable I am with myself.  The more I am able to forgive myself for things I have said or done.  It means allowing others to be naked in my presence without shame or judgement.  My nakedness guards me to hold my tongue when my flesh says otherwise.  Yes, I’m a work in progress lol!  Instead the nakedness asks me to see my brother or sister with naked eyes.  The new eyes don’t let me excuse their or my behavior but instead it allows me to function out of love.  It asks me to surrender to someone elses needs other than my own and to bear the weight of their nakedness with them.  So when in relationship with someone today look at their nakedness and look at your nakedness and own it.  Day by day strip yourself down to the authentic you.  Forgive yourself and forgive others.  Find peace in relationship with yourself.  Love yourself and love others naked.

Worry…If you pray don’t worry, and if you worry DON’T PRAY.

A Triumphant Tuesday to you!

Worry, ugh the word itself makes me nauseous.  I’m asking that if worry is rearing its ugly head in your life, counteract it with a good dose of prayer-intentional prayer!  As I’ve said to you before when I write I’m coming from a place of truth and life experiences.  I’m a recovering worrier…in fact I’ve relapsed recently and have been worrying about several things over the past few days.  Worry is not a comforting place to be.  It eats away at your peace, grinds at your conscious, fosters resentment and anger along with a host of others emotions which sometimes manifest physically.  No matter how big or small the worry is the truth of the matter is that it is insignificant to what God has in store for you.

After sharing my insignificant worries; I had a spiritual gut check which forced me to face the dependency I had on earthly things which couldn’t change my circumstances.  Worry is something that has fought fiercely to have a strong attachment to me since childhood.  I worried about everything which resulted in my attempts to control everything.  Whenever I see worry on the horizon I usually counteract with prayer.  However, lately I was consumed with distractions and disturbances that took my eyes and heart off of God.  You see, when I’m fully armed with the word of God and in constant relationship with Him worry is trumped with love, peace, wisdom and discernment.  I can feel every word in action within my life which helps me to give these words in action and deed to others: LOVE, PEACE, WISDOM, DISCERNMENT.  As a result of me being out of spiritual flow, I worried. I prayed too but I prayed watered down prayers.  You know what I’m talking about…”Oh Lord, please if you don’t let x, y, z happen I promise to do x, y, z.  I’m sorry to say but these are watered down prayers.  Bargaining and bartering with God is not going to get us far.  I missed being in that spiritual connectedness with Him.  Why, because I’ve seen the love that pours out in overflow when I am. “O’ to taste how sweet it is.”  I made the choice to do the work and plug back into my power source!

Life is about choices…you can choose to wallow in worry or speak life into your situation.  Sometimes things won’t work out the way you’d hope.  What I will tell you and where my hope lies is in the power of intentional prayer.  Prayer works!

Two ways I’ve noticed we choose to focus on worry are below.  I’ve included lifestyle alternatives to counteract the worry.

1.You feel the need to share with others all that is eating away at you.  God tells us to find peace and comfort within Him.  Oftentimes when we share our worries with others we just want him/her to confirm our doubt; even subconsciously or consciously wanting them to join in a pity party with us.  This can be a deadly trap!  Find an accountability partner who will stop you in your tracks and pray with you.  Yes, pray with you.  There is nothing like having a friend pray with you instead of telling you to go and pray about it.  That friend/accountability partner doesn’t have to worry about having the right words to say.  Their role is as simple as asking God to cover you with peace, understanding and wisdom.  Remember everything isn’t for everyone.  Meaning all things shouldn’t be shared as your sharing can have adverse results.  Rely on your relationship with Christ to take care of your situation.

2.You pray about the worry but still give it life by thinking and speaking about it.  This is a clear need to control the situation.  I know, I’ve been there lol.  Words are powerful.  You have heard me say it before..”What you speak about, you bring about.”  Stop watering those things which are dead or need to be uprooted.  Choose instead to speak positive affirmations.  Water and feed what is good in your life.  Weed out those worries of people, places and things that are cancerous attachments to your life.

Choose your affirmation word to focus on today.  I’m blessing you to have a Triumphant Tuesday!  Receive it.  Huge hugs!  Oh, and me…I annihilated the worry by plugging back into my power source 😉



It’s been quite a few months since I last posted.  I didn’t intend for my sabbatical to last this long.  I needed time to sort through things and listen to God.  He is my business partner and His guidance is ever-present in my life.  I’m back now!  Don’t ever feel embarrassed if you have to briefly (or permanently) step away from something (or someone).  The temporary or permanent separation is good for your well-being.  Now let’s dive into this weeks post.

Last week I was the receiver of many blessings in disguise.  So much so I was overcome with emotions of fear, love, confusion, peace and joy.  A roller coaster of emotions, huh?  I know you’ve been there before.  Asking yourself if what you’re experiencing is a gift, curse, warranted, unwarranted.  Yes, me the Empowerment Coach, the Purpose Elevator had doubts and my “self-deprecating”, “selfish pride” tried rearing its ugly head to sabotage what was already mine.

When the blessings presented themselves I wanted to prove that I was in control and didn’t need what was presented to me.  I was attempting to prove this in both the physical and spiritual realms.  Ha, God knew what I was already capable of.  He also knew I was in the midst of needing His divine intervention. I, however, wanted to control all of the situations I was encountering.  I wasn’t synchronized with my business partner.  The more I resisted the grace placed before me the more emotional I became.  Throughout the childlike tantrum (tears streaming outwardly) I battled within me I felt my soul crying out from deep within to receive…”Ebony, be on the receiving end right now!”

When my throat became knotted and words of resistance could no longer spew out; I felt God’s voice envelope my throat and uncover the veil over my eyes.  I looked up at the giver…and…witnessed…God’s love trying desperately to embrace me without malice or indignation.  He wanted me to see the individuals heart, soul; not what was attached to them!  I was looking at grace and love and beauty but was blinded by the attachment of the blessing/gift.  I looked into their eyes and saw the eyes of God!  He used the beauty before me to strip me of control and power but to build me up with an all-consuming power of His love.  I didn’t need to prove anything.  I needed to allow His vessel to be used for His glory.  I needed this breakthrough in order to open up His hands to bless the vessel which came in the form of another beautiful human being; His child, His creation, His beautiful, refined work of art!

How many times have you rejected God’s gifts for you because you were attached to the attachment?  You may have silently boasted that you don’t need help.  Repeating to yourself that in time you will reap the benefits of your work.  Let me tell you something…take off your mini god hat and surrender.  You may have to remind yourself of this several times a day. I was embarrassed to engage in such mindless, negative talk between me and my blessings.  However; I needed to experience this boxing match of emotions to release myself from strongholds of power, control, misleading attachments, and being a blessing blocker.  I was able to see God at work in someone and something other than myself.  It was a powerful and surreal experience.

Look at the deeper beauty one may be extending to you.  You are meant to be loved.  You are meant to receive and be a blessing to others.  You are a miracle in motion!  This week be good to you and your soul.  If a tear wells up in your eye, its ok, let it fall and water the ground with the essence of the true beauty of your blessing.

Rest…Its much more than Sleep

Greetings in Day 20 of this New Year! I am full of excitement and expectation that you are walking in your purpose. I want to talk to you today about rest. Make sure to check out the video in relation to today’s blog on my YouTube channel, Ebony McQueen-Harris. If you haven’t completed the previous homework assignment shame on you! Just joking but in all seriousness if for any reason you haven’t completed the homework make sure to do so now. If you have questions I’m here to help. Post your questions in the comment section of the blog or on my YouTube channel-Ebony McQueen-Harris 😉

Now let’s dive into our work for today. Rest is much more than sleep. It includes full reliance and submission to God.  There is no way you can Fully, I repeat Fully live out your vision/calling without rest in Him. You have to make an intentional choice to rest in a power greater than yourself. Once you’ve made the decision to trust what God has revealed you need to rest. This means full submission to His will and an understanding that you are being groomed to lay the foundation of your legacy. Yes, your legacy that which is your imprint on this earth.

Yes, rest includes sleep-a necessity. It also includes prayer, mediation and daily feedings of His word.  Immersion in these things daily will lead to more clarity in your relationships, businesses and most importantly who and whose you are.  I’d like you to now follow thru with watching my YouTube channel for your next homework assignment. The video also is needed to complete this weeks blog post. I have huge belief in you and know that you’ll follow thru. I’m excited to hear from you!

Huge Belief in You


Manifesting Your Dreams

Blessings to you in this new year!

I can see you are a bold decision maker; you chose to be a reader of my blog throughout 2015! I’m excited for our journey together. Let me tell you WHY…I believe you are one who wants more, needs more and are willing to do more in fulfilling your Purpose. I want to serve you by helping you achieve all God has for you. Know that I speak from personal life experiences whenever I teach or write. We all have a story which is meant to be shared with others to inspire and encourage. What’s your story? What is tugging at you but stops you from speaking it into existence? A quote comes to mind when I hear people say they’re afraid to walk in their calling…”Our biggest fear isn’t that we are weak; our biggest fear is that we are powerful beyond our own belief.” Wow! There is a lot of power in that statement. This is why I’m here. To help you push thru and birth all the dreams you have impregnated within you. Trust and believe God wouldn’t have given you the vision if He didn’t equip you to bring it forth.

Bi-weekly you’ll have the opportunity to boldly take steps into your Purpose Living. Because I am so proud of you for taking the steps to live boldly and walk in purpose; I will deliver content that is applicable to you excelling in your walk-for FREE! This is awesome. To be able to invest in yourself for FREE is a tremendous blessing! Many have poured into me and now I have the opportunity to share those investments with you. I’m excited for you and look forward to your comments.

Limitless Possibilities!

Limitless Possibilities!

Huge Belief in You!